S U Z E   A D A M S

Covid Diaries
Number 20
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©Suze Adams 2021

My work is an interpretation of my world, real and imagined. I work in a range of media (sculpture, photography, text and drawing), often brought together in installation. I live between Portugal and the UK, exhibiting/collaborating across borders.

I am interested in how we perceive the world and how understanding is filtered through past experience. The body holds memory and ritualises behaviour, bodies reflect lives lived. My works are expressions of a life lived: of loves and losses, of hopes and fears.

Fact abuts fiction, rational interpretation gives way to instinct – memories stir, connections are made, emotions flow. Imagination wanders, time expands … the present stirs and other times and places slip into the here and now.

We are still mythical
We are still permanently trapped somewhere
between the heroic and the pitiful
                                       Kae Tempest


Contact: info@suzeadams.co.uk