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©Suze Adams 2016

Artist Statement

These projects explore our relationship to the world around us – they focus on the body and bodily expressions, the works reflecting encounters with a variety of situations and different exterior and interior environments. I am interested in how we inhabit space and how multi-sensory reactions are generated and filtered through previous experience as well as future hopes and fears. The body holds memory and ritualises behaviour, bodies reflect lives lived.

As I contemplate the world my senses are alerted and rational interpretation gives way to involuntary action as instinctive responses take hold. I collect objects on my way and memories stir, connections unfold and emotions overflow; my imagination wanders and others slip into the here and now. Time expands as the present shifts and starts to incorporate the past and the future, other places and other times. Memory confronts imagination and fact abuts fiction.

Outcomes are un-prescribed and only emerge slowly through playful exploration of media/materials.

“time ceases to quicken memory … the unconscious abides”    Gaston Bachelard

Contact: info@suzeadams.co.uk