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©Suze Adams 2019

My work reflects my experience of the world – physical and psychological, real and imagined. I work in a range of media (sculpture, photography, text and drawing) brought together in installation format. I live in the UK and work out of my studio at CLaSH, Bristol.

I am interested in how we inhabit space and how multi-sensory reactions are filtered through past experience. The body holds memory and ritualises behaviour, bodies reflect lives lived. My works are expressions of a life lived: of loves and losses, of hopes and fears. Memory confronts imagination, fact abuts fiction.

Rational interpretation gives way to instinct; memories stir, connections are made, associations unfold and emotions flow. Imagination wanders and time expands … the present shifts and other times and places slip into the here and now.

We are still mythical;
we are still
permanently trapped somewhere between the heroic and the pitiful
                Kate Tempest


Contact: info@suzeadams.co.uk