S U Z E   A D A M S


These new pieces were developed for the Roper Gallery and form part of my on-going Box Project. They are expressions of love and loss – emotions, memories and painful truths collide therein.

The ‘stacks’ are assembled out of multiple recycled boxes, the height and shape of the larger stacks roughly echoing my body. The over-sized outlines of boxes, marked out in tape on the floor and wall of the gallery, show the shape of (and importantly the void within) the flattened boxes before reassembly.

The coloured textile pieces leaning against the walls of the gallery, and falling over the rungs of the ladder, were made in response to the many sandbags I observed on the streets of Bristol (see Slump project page). The pale flesh-coloured pieces reflect the ‘slump’ of the bags, a weighted objecthood. This connected with my feeling of being bodily changed in my loss – shrunken and hollowed out from within, a body heavy with grief.




©Suze Adams 2019