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Communion publication

The Communion publication is one outcome resulting from a on-going collaboration between Suze and poet Anna Saunders, a book made possible with the encouragement and support of Dr Iain Biggs of PLaCE International Research Centre, Bristol.

This publication is the result of an exchange; Suze’s photographs do not illustrate the poems nor Anna’s poems the photographs – they correspond, dancing to the same ephemeral tune. In essence, they both respond to the harsh and enchanting landscape of Mull.

"Communion is a collection that captures the elemental landscape of Mull and holds it in equipoise between the two art forms. It’s a beautifully balanced book, in which the photographs and the poems reinforce and invigorate each other. The spare landscape is juxtaposed and counterpointed with the lush imagery and music of the poems; the poems draw strength from the shape, colour and complex symmetries of the photographs. Together they ramify and resonate beyond their immediate subjects and stay with the reader."

Nigel McLoughlin. Poet - publications include: Dissonances (Bluechrome 2007), Blood (Bluechrome, 2005), Songs For No Voices (Lagan, 2004) and At The Waters' Clearing (Flambard/Black Mountain 2001)

Communion the book (pdf)
Communion book cover (pdf)

Suze completed a practice-led doctorate at UWE, Bristol, in April 2012 (graduating with fellow research artists at Bristol Cathedral in July 2012 as Dr Suze Adams!).

The abstract is available here but if you want further information on the project or indeed wish to discuss the work, please get in touch:

Doctoral Abstract (pdf)

Family Ties

This text comprises a paper presented at the Family Ties: Recollection & Representation conference at the University of London (IGRS Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory) in March 2012. The paper was based on my work in Mull and shows imagery from the Communion research project. This body of work explores maternal genealogies as a route to examining more general issues of belonging and identity and is inspired by the writing of Luce Irigaray. The project is on-going and has grown out of a quiet performance to camera at 'S Airde Beinn in the north west peninsula of the island and comprises an installation, an artist film, a performance and a publication – the result of a series of personal explorations and collaborative endeavours.

Family Ties (pdf)