S U Z E   A D A M S


Cartesian Cut?
FAB: May/June 2016, Bath; group show with performed artist residency

The ‘Cartesian Cut?’ revealed and unravelled the boundary of the body. The title of the exhibition relates to the philosopher René Descartes who made a clear distinction between the mind and body. Contemporary philosopher Karen Barad problematises his boundary, calling it the ‘Cartesian cut’ (2003: 815). Contra-Descartes she offers an understanding of entities not as unique beings but ‘phenomena’ in constant ‘intra-action’ (2003: 815). Inspired by her argument, artworks in the exhibition explored the porous and fluctuating boundary of the body. http://www.fringeartsbath.co.uk/cartesiancut/

Performed residency – Saturday 28 May to Saturday 04 June (artist present in shop window)
Residues of residency – Sunday 05 June to Sunday 12 June (remains of artist’s occupancy in window)

“Suze Adams conducted a performed artist residency at the exhibition. Her piece ‘At One Remove’ spoke about bodily assimilation and absorption. Suze spent the first week in the exhibition working from the window space, her daily practices included conversing with the audience, drawing olive stones and reading. The residues of her presence accumulated and the traces of her lived actions were then displayed as an installation for the second week. The artist explains: "I'm quite a private person, the performances I do, I keep quite private, having a presence and gradually removing myself". She describes this as a "processual approach" - a process-driven exploration.” Eloise Govier, curator (June 2016)

LINK: Notes from the window

©Suze Adams 2016