Notes from the window

‘the confessional’
in the window, filling the space; working but allowing time for visitors to interject
open to engagement, happy to talk but also to listen; available
intrigue/interest (why a body in the window – an office, an exhibit, a studio?)
visitors engaging in conversation; memories, life stories, moments shared
questions asked, pondered, discussed; of life, living
intense: subjects of substance, in passing and/or in depth
encouraging discourse, allowing exchange; open to exploration of big questions …
bodies, matter, life and lives lived; snapshots, glimpses and sideways glances at life/humanity

The experience is prime (what remains simply evidence of a passing, an occupation of space = captured fragments, frozen moments from a life: a time spent living, breathing, thinking, doing = a body in transit, a bodily occupation of space) … ‘what remains?’

Connections, subconscious rumblings reach the surface = action: paper dirtied (rubbed on floor, picking up debris/loose matter/traces of past occupants – dirt)

Traces of me but also others (human/non-human)
Echoes of time, DNA, matter (residues of space/place, of inhabitation)

A spontaneous gesture prompted by a throwaway remark, an unrelated comment overheard that brought together myriad thoughts, undercurrents, possibilities …
We all leave traces of ourselves (along with/to add to other existing traces): an accumulation of personal objects as well as a dispersal of self – remnants and residues of stuff we need (sustaining, meaningful and comforting) and of stuff we don’t need (excess, refuse, dirt – and the more intimate traces … hair falls out, skin dries and flakes, fingerprints, saliva/DNA)

Prompted by conversations with visitors (just words)

Saliva/DNA (the title of my piece in the exhibition: the dental x-ray and olive stone in petri dish)
Accumulation and consumption
Mortality and matter
Routine and repetition (NB routine as structure?)
An everyday life
Melancholy and dark humour
Scale (and intimacy)
Vulnerability and authority
Presence, absence
State of mind
Temporary, ephemeral
Action and reaction
The stuff of life
Instinct and reason
The senses (and sensing body)

Residues of lives lived – traces of DNA, the stuff of life.


©Suze Adams 2016