S U Z E   A D A M S


If I cannot see you then you cannot see me. Like a cat who covers her eyes with her paws as she dozes or a small child who averts her head when spoken to, I have chosen to hide my face and eyes from others. Is this rude? Is it an act of contrariness or is it self-preservation and a desire for privacy?

Using ‘playful disobedience’ as a nascent methodology, I examine what it might mean to be out-of-place by examining notions of the froward, the defiant, the awkward and the withdrawn. When considering borders between public and private, what exactly does disobedience mean: is it necessarily antagonistic or might it simply be a small gesture of resistance, a quiet and passive act?

These photographs are part of my on-going exploration of the relationship between body and place through performance to camera. Being photographed deliberately avoiding eye contact is a strategy, a device to encourage the viewer to look again … and yet as I invite, I withdraw.




©Suze Adams 2015